atheist riot

warm Sunday

City Hall lawn

young people

bright yellow

biker shorts

we too

sit there

moving slowly

watching smiling

at the

busy gnats

we drank

sour beer

sharing one

warm can

that took

three hours

to buy

our sisters

a yard

away talking

and pouting

smacking lips

laying out

their tired

patchwork skirts

they twirl

bottle cap

rosaries between

their stained

fingers etched

with cuts

and cracks

the brothers

coming out

of trance

acknowledge that

nothing here

will change

too many

men on

the job

too many

brains and

greedy wallets

planning our

fate and

we all

look up

at the

trumpeting birds

and we

rise in

arthritic waves

even though

were under

thirty one

and in

a hallelujah

arm stretch

above our

messy heads

our sisters

break out

in harmony

as their

washed out

bone bleached

bracelets jangle

snapping fingers

send a

thanks to

the heavens

the brothers

do a

little dance

and onlookers

stop to

stare with

smirking eyes

and jaded

quips against

the humble

family on

the lawn

who can

only address

God outside

of hypocritical

sanctimonious walls

6 thoughts on “atheist riot

  1. Some people spend so much time thinking about what others are thinking. I am constantly reminded, the bible reminding, that we are to remove the log in our own eye to help remove the speck in another’s. The moment we judge another (different religion, atheist, or otherwise), we’ve already lost our focus. Like the bible shared, when you hate anyone, it’s like you’ve never known our Father. All too many “Christians” spend their days why “those” people are wrong: it makes them feel right. But I don’t believe Jesus ever preached that. He shared, told his apostles to share, but if they didn’t listen, to go on to the next town or group of people. Yes, he corrected, but when they came at Him. He also shared with the listeners what to look for, but from clarity.

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