ain’t what she used to be

in youth i’d run with a pack of wild dogs now they Netflix it

we’d howl at the day and bark at the sun

night time our turn to wag hell out of the city

where did my vicious rockin’ pack go Xerox Corp CEO famous music boys political party hardies Cheetahs lead dancer girl

tax filers line followers at the DMV mimosas on Sundays and tea with the Queen

no more mashing heads smoking drinking or raging party over here throw up over there look out the cops are coming mates!

Ben Gay’s my friend supporting me as i reach to grasp the Prevagen

my leather and spikes traded for breathable organic fabrics and compression socks

alas my lover’s tats aren’t where they used to be but in between snores and farts he says don’t worry babe neither are your tits

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