thank you Kritika @

Undressed Thoughts

for nominating me for the

and so i write as i wait and i wait for that time with each letter each word key formed i discover a new me at times polished most often tarnished but i wait quietly…

bloggers who make me swoon

Ben Naga

Everyone at

Stephen at

Casey at

Everyone at

Nick at

And everyone who visits me. Much appreciation for sharing and reaching out to me. Xo

17 thoughts on “thank you Kritika @

  1. Thank you for nominating for this Leibster Award. It was my first, back in 2011 and participated in a number of award chains in 2011 and 2012 but then stepped but to the amount of time required to give them their due attention. I hope I can continue to produce work that you find enjoyable/entertaining/informative/ponderworthy. ❤️

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