in real time

no doubt i’m here real time as they say another year under my belt this late summer and what have i done jazz in my head most of the time now me more than ever two different people warm bubbly attentive to the rescue then the other me just like everybody else exhausted empty hurting under professional care but me thinks i need a tailor i’m falling apart at the seams the bigger my smile the wider the mess behind it but forward i confess and we must go in real time time what is time other than a sentence time time what is it keeping me in cages too little freak out too much freak out there is no middle ground God will i ever know why the time is what it is hey but on the bright side there is *Cassettes with Postcard from Kreuzberg in real time in real time not jazz but comfort looking out the window the birds and squirrels visit less often COVID wearing off i guess in real time hmm i wonder how the Traveling Wilburys would have covered Postcards or what would GnR have done Metallica is too harsh no me thinks Reeves is best in real time after work get food for pets hand out some change to the corner dweller for cigarettes so tired of you today L.A. in real time although you know i love you 

*Check this cool cat out

6 thoughts on “in real time

  1. Oh, you, two –
    Grady &, yknaa, the other one –
    Gosh darn you!
    And also…
    God damn you!
    (in a nice way).

    You made my teary, thoughtful, day…
    well, quite bright actually –
    if you wanna know…
    it’s the longest day
    & it sure begins to feel that way, too (tea double oh)

    I was sad (in real time)
    from over there, over ether (whatever, wherever)
    you have made me glad all over (in reel time).

    The glory of love might just come shining thru (trans: through 🙂 )

    Peace to the nation of words less spoken!
    For rella!

    (Hi to Grady when you see her – and all the Coney Island babies)

    “Man, I swear I’d give the whole thing up for you.” Lou, we heart you, man
    Uh-huh xoxo

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    • Awww Master Reeves no sadness just Lou and dont worry there’s tons of folks who have damned me to all kinds of deities mascots sprites fairies politicians etc lol lol much heart your way and do me a favor: smile and keep doin art…

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