Quotable Poe Week Two-M. Brazfield

thank you Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen

Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen

God and serpent’s urgent staff meeting

hey i have been crazy

insane raving mad

for a very long time

lunacy in my heart

mind untouched

by Your lamentations

free will i heard You say

i hid behind the tree

to bring down Your precious creation


he fell for it with ease

the girl well the girl

what can i say mere little rib

it really wasn’t her fault

the fruit forbidden

say it so

c’mon i know

it wasn’t really wrong

was it

not at all

no You just wanted

quiet little baa baa sheep

now about the girl

perhaps You were a bit

too swift

in punishing the children

wasn’t a life long

union with the that lad You made enough

a violet fig leaf cloak was that all

that he could muster

in Your image but not Your cunning

oh ho ho i beg to differ


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