She waits for us

no answer is also an answer

🦅 Hopi Proverb

to stare into the blank horizon

it lacks the pastel colors mother used to love

we the silent types proud and self assured cowards or lost fools

makes very little difference

to tighten my jaw as you purse your lips we know what we are thinking

we have no answer for what is happening to us

all we are not willing to admit that She is critical because of our silence

are we prepared for what comes this way as Her pulse tires and slows

the silence without bird songs is the vilest way to perish

5 thoughts on “She waits for us

  1. to answer one must know the question and have the courage to give an answer or not Mother is sending a message will we hear it will we heed it the birds still sing and even if they stop and we are no more She will start the chorus anew to be heard by new ears all is not yet lost we will learn to be better the birds song is not the only song that would be a shame to lose i hear your song too

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  2. It’s yours, you may repost it. I’m so glad that it struck you that way. I’m currently listening to Halestorm’s ‘Familiar Taste of Poison’. It’s seems perfect right now. The mood it creates kills me everytime I hear it. I wish I’d written it. I think that you would like it. It’s very sad though.


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