old at 8

on auxiliary thought
it doesn’t seem
as if life can get
too heavy but
my bones no longer
care to witness
the simple matter
that is before me

time is lost but like
my bones it prefers
to be in limbo and
time, she knows distance
is for my own good

apart from some golden
days and some hours
made of lead i can stand
up and smile at Pluto
my fourth grade friend

on the yard where

riddles stood for rites of passage

7 thoughts on “old at 8

    • i believe that when people of all ages are triggered to survive, not just survive in the flesh, but also the soul and the spirit we naturally and intuitively look to something greater than us for comfort or at times guidance. it took me a while to figure out that as a kid this is what i was doing. Thanks for your feedback Violet and for reading 🙂

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