Beautiful Little Girl

to all my sisters and brothers with much love thank you Precious ❤

The Brink of Insanity

Hey lovely bloggers😊. Let me share a lil bit of my personal experience with you all. Twas fun writing this and I hope it helps someone out there 😉

Happy reading 😁

Growing up I was labeled as ugly because of my beautiful dark skin and nappy hair. Beautiful was something else but definitely not my skin color and myself. So I started having self esteem issue, self hatred and low self confidence. I often wanted to change myself into something that woul fit their description of beauty but I couldn’t change who I was.

Beautiful was that light skinned girl with long straight hair and a thin figure. Something I was absolutely not.

Growing up I realised that what I was exposed to when I was little somehow affected how I see myself and that’s sad really. When someone would tell me that I’m beautiful I’d have that voice…

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