cloudy head

pic by mbrazfield 2019

i didn’t always know

that life would be


i was never sure

who would be there


my understanding of the

workings of the world


arrive some day i

guessed a lot at


so i watched the

war planes fly fast


kept my heart curious

about how life could


been but didn’t quite

happen that way for


but i have ten

fingers and ten toes


can still walk and

talk although nonsense it


be and i can

laugh and sing off


and i can find

those old reels of


blitzkriegs and still feel

the sadness for the


my head those clouds

i somehow knew well


a child i was

lost in the luftwaffe


life’s adults who were

possibly less well equipped


me a little kid

mastering the power to


25 thoughts on “cloudy head

    • When I was an elementary school-age child I used to watch a lot of PBS channels one of the documentaries that has really stuck with me are the ones pertaining to World War II as I got older and started to study world history I started to make a lot of connections and understanding World War II and Germany’s role in it but I write about how these documentaries or TV were a soothing coping mechanism for what might have been going on in my home when I was a young kid in terms of Hollywood and exposing young minds and young children to TV I certainly agree that there should be a limitation and that adults should explain to Children the difference between reality and movies Etc this piece speaks more to my inner understanding as an older adult of how I gained resiliency as a young child as opposed to the adults around me and in my life I’m not sure that makes too much sense LOL thanks for reading Len I always enjoy reading your thoughts on my work I hope you keep reading

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  1. Wonderful poem my friend. Sorry you had to suffer through the delays. That’s on eof the reasons I don’t fly anymore. I’m much to impatient in my old age.I love looking at clouds though. I wonder who else sees the old man with the beard in one of the clouds. Ok, I’ll stop rambling now and just say…well done.

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