they too tumultuous for the human skin in the concrete castles of their heritage across seas and spirits children of the mental Gypsy of the skies buried standing up because of the way it had to be they modern ancients blood slow blue for bruising not for nothing else pain deep from marrow bone deafening in the soul of future fruitlings scrubbing out a filthy spot that wickedly came anyway woe upon no one else but the dueling ‘archs’ and pass the wine for sobbing

4 thoughts on “they

    • Thank you so much friend I love it when folks interact with my work. This piece was inspired by two old east European guys talking with their hands and very loud. They were joined by two younger men who appeared bored with the older dudes. Then I thought about how their lives could be; is it like in the movies or is it just two typical patriarchs speaking their disdain with the acculturation of their young? Happy new year friend all the best to you in 2020 xoxo.

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