moon confessional

mbrazfield (c) 2020

the dreams i have are irrational futuristic agnosticly holy and in reverence to the moon just this morning between coffee and more coffee and water and coffee i thought the goddess was a lamplight but no my cheeks felt blushed and that hot hot feeling came over me warnings of physical danger the moon caught me flirting with a piece of lemon cake for breakfast but i wasn’t interested nor in the tea or the oats memories washed over me of my uncle’s girlfriend’s breakfast table robust meaty no fancy meanings a flap Jack was just that gluten fat saturated and otherwise corn syrup and food coloring sugary cereal more potent than cocaine Tang for the kids gin and oj sometimes too wink wink lives so many lives i telepathically tell the moon can you see the despair from up there you lady with the rabbit tattoo engulfed in memory was i talking like a rabid fool i turned and looked outside my window and there she was all round and orange inching into my kitchen to see what all the trouble was

11 thoughts on “moon confessional

  1. O Sister Moon, come to my aid and release me from the dark of night. May your glowing presence drownd my rising tide of despair and protect me from the ebbs and flow of life. Your eloquent writing had me a convert, Marisela. All hail Sister Moon.

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  2. She was spectacular on the east side too. I watched her play peek-a-boo with the clouds and showed the rabbit to friends who joined me. Selene is often my muse too.
    I’ve been taking a break lately, I’ve missed your streaming consciousness.
    Be well friend!

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