13 thoughts on “caffeine haiku after binging on chocolate covered coffee beans all night

  1. I love coffee beans. I binged on coffee, chocolate chips, raisins and various seeds. Yum yum. Your haiku made me laugh. Pretty funny. On a more serious note: wouldn’t it be nice if we could love more unconditionally like our animal friends. Hope you have a blessed day my friend. Love to you Joni

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    • Good morning Joni I’m glad the Haiku made you laugh it’s meant to be light-hearted but I was thinking with all of the hot weather I have a lot of friends who just take off their shirts not lady friends but male friends and you know we sit around and we ask why are these guys taking their shirts off and then I started thinking that Adam and Eve realized they were naked after the apple incident and as The Story Goes they bit of the apple and I’m just assuming the animals didn’t so that’s why they still have their beautiful fur coats thanks for reading friend God bless

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      • You are welcome it is my pleasure friend. It made a lot of sense to me. I was laughing because of all the truth in your Haiku. It was actually very compelling and smart. Have a great evening. Love ❤️ to you and those you love. Joni 🤗💕

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