blue steel

i’m feelin’ like a blue steel gun

with my fine determined sharp lines

my edges separate the somethin’ from the nothin’

and the come-hither handlin’ parts

sleek momma eye candy deluxe

making genitalia of all denomination shape and size

feel like a super daddy fuckin’ stud

i’m feeling like a blue steel gun

caught between your palm and thumb

a dialysis rig for your bad juice blood

my nuts bolts springs and inner workin’s

the physics and reasons in me aching

of no interest to you your heart or your mind

i’m feelin’ like a blue steel gun

remember in that case where you found me

promises dowries certificated truths

stroking of the barrels looking into soot

my trigger and your raging accusin’ fingers

you offered as my wedding band

i’m feelin’ like a blue steel gun

cast out after years of deeds gone wrong

silent spitting fire of your tongue

looking out my winda’ late at night

wonderin’ why you are the way you are

we chameleons tempering our feelin’s

showcased on a devil’s iron eye

cus we’re both rusted raw on the inside

10 thoughts on “blue steel

  1. There’s been a phrase running through my mind that I’ve been unable to expel ~ until now ~ having just read “blue steel.” I’ve been wanting to use it for some time now ~ but it has seemed too dangerous ~ like I’d loose a friend if I wrote it down anywhere ~ except here ~ now ~ with you ~ because I think you’ll understand. I think the phrase is very ironic, in a pleasing kind of way, for half the world, while the other half might blow me away for using it. Anyway, I’m always ready to duck after saying such things. Here goes:

    You are one hard-boiled chick!

    There. I said it. It’s a compliment. It really is. And your writing is priceless…

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    • friend you RAWK and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saying so. I’m from LA a certain ilk but with many thoughts and ways of seeing the world my moods pains sorrows and anger drive my thoughts this is therapy and release so forth on and on I’m of the world a product of my past life and mistakes this piece was about me being in the cusp of recognizing my strengths and how I should be respected in but then being taken for granted by fools and being completely under their control the rust is a threat therefore the blue steel process the tough shell but in the inside both the gun (me) and the handler (fools) are equally damaged and rusted. or something like that xo thanks for visiting and letting me know I have hole in reaching biker momma status lol

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