Daniels and lions

i like to see the people in the park under strawberry moon
in Pershing Square a silent film extraordinaire
they sift through refuse cans filled with Starbucks cups and the ever elusive recyclable water bottle
they work through their children’s play dates daddies selling crystal meth to pay a debt to a society that castrated them at birth
or take for instance the widowed diabetic arthritic hunched over Latina grandmother selling chips and Gatorade while watching her grandchildren who were orphaned at an early age because the sweatshop took their mother at 50 cents an hour to pay to pay to pay
the cloister of the lost waifs from mid west America find themselves now staring at the sun crusted over in sweat and cum fentanyl albatross around their neck wishing they had listened to momma
we are here together alone toiling exposed perfectly harmoniously in despair survival but standing
we are here clinging with bare hand to eternal waking time
we are Daniels and lions all

5 thoughts on “Daniels and lions

  1. Wow. This is truly one of your greatest. The biblical imagery at the end punched me in the gut. Yes, “castrated at birth” is as horribly strong an image of what happens to so many. “in despair survival but standing” — yes, “they” will just not “die” will they? these who stand against a nation and religions and heartless people of whom mea culpa I am one — these who say, you have done everything you can to make sure we will not survive, but if the lion eats me, one will come to stand in my place. Wow. This is so good. so so good. (and of course especially loved by me, your fellow Angelean. Let’s not tell any one else that Angelean also means “angel”, shall we? 🙂 )

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    • that you dear Jane. I know the shit has surpassed the fan when I like many of my generation born during perpetual war time Hollywood desensitized are starting to actually feel a sting in society. thanks for your support dear Jane xo


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