lujuria entre muslos

look into my obsidian eye gypsy with diamonds in my hair

i am queen behold tragedy below my feet the rose bush is on fire

delicious pungent profound lust between my thighs

nocturnal the rivers that rush and smother my mound

invited you are to swim below my navel weave the carnal rhythm inside my cave

look stare won’t you into me i am night hungry for longing

it’s too late taste the honey of the poisoned combs deep in your desire you’ve trapped your soul

slowly do i come lay my mouth upon your genesis

before you know me the ashes in my lair

i seep into your body on top as mistress i am revenge is mine

while i strangle your dragon with the gripping force of my goddess beginnings

before the war there is a dewey peace betwixt our two horizons

after the deluge emanating from the center of my all

you lay out bewildered in drunk dusky oblivion

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