in preparation

time sits on the shelves
next to all the dreams
just an index finger’s length
out of reach
her side of the wall
sustains the portraiture
of her bloodline
his side the world’s articles of hate
never knowing of each other
going about their life
the wall that separates them both
in between the unseen darkness waits for them
patiently there void of light
and when that time marches from its sitting place again
to guide their souls into the other world
the ego skin from them will finally be shed

15 thoughts on “in preparation

    • no no Len. when I was a little kid we used to live in an old brick apartment building. The gentleman used to live to our right and the woman used to live to his right they lived right next to each other they were both Russian but they didn’t know each other and they didn’t have any kind of contact or relationship with each other which I thought was very strange as a little child I didn’t know anything about human relations or anything like that so when I read this prompt it reminded me of this couple of elderly folks whontouched me in a way that I understood loneliness and questioned why they were so lonely and they were both from the same country and they didn’t talk to each other 🙂 thanks for reading friend

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