when will the saints

mbrazfield (c) 2020

since the gases of The Breath began to stir laying star mosaic highway to my Earth i have stood here with the Mothers see our skin with every deep trench within lies a simple truth no matter how those eyes may look at it those evergreens beyond man’s streets will make their way to find me i the omnipotent Mother armored in degrees of time so tempered holding on to blades of grass and crooning birds the smiles of ghosts prophets who are strangers and now it is my time the holy Breath she comes on flames attire placing the finishing touches before i’m ushered softly silently diligently into a tomb of slumber

4 thoughts on “when will the saints

  1. Your amazing poem reminds me of one of my favourite songs/lyrics, Sean Rowe’s, ‘The Lonely Maze’,
    “Oh I’ll never get to the moon
    But I’ve seen the universe in a blade of grass
    Oh I’ve built my questions a raft
    And I send them floating there on a lake of glass
    And though this weight is like a stone
    It is hard to drop the things I’ve come to know” — by Sean Rowe

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