the prophets of boyd street

cherish your life their eyes say while they take a sip from the poisoned well cherish all life organic beautiful gross untouchable evil or good all of it without boundary cherish the Unknown be wise some day you will know Us don’t question why or how we happen to be here their eyes sang in choir question your heart on how to move your soul onto higher ground all is not what it seems we are all not who you think we might be cherish your mind think think think and question your brother but cherish him as well the time of cheeks is over reason cannot not work without selfless charity from your heart cherish who you are

9 thoughts on “the prophets of boyd street

  1. Sorry, I’m questioning. Who are these prophets and where did they come from. I like the message ” question your heart so you may move your soul to higher ground”, but they “sipped from the poison well” while delivering the prophetic message. That sounds ominous. I’m going to be looking over my shoulder from now. A wonderful mysterious piece Marisela. I like your writing.


    • Never ever ever be sorry for questioning friend. So this piece is based on a walk I took s fee days ago through DTLA. There was a huge warehouse fire last week so I checked it out. The folks drinking from the poisoned well are the residents of skidrow. I’m continuously reminded of how blessed I am. I make eye contact with everyone I see and sometimes God is there. Dont ask, i just know. I’m no one special and I’m certainly a sinner in many ways, but I work at being an ok person for the most part. I’m not religious and I do have some opinions about organized religion its not for me, but I respect folks who are practitioners and followers of course. So in a nutshell it’s a piece about imperfection, blessings and goodness sometimes wrapped in a not so pretty package. Thanks for reading and sharing friend I appreciate it xoxo


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